You would think that straight guys in America have it all. There is nothing like the All-American male; handsome, fit and fashionable. You would expect them to have the world at their feet. And yet, they are always having trouble with their women.
Johnny Rapid is one such example. With his dark wavy hair, gym trained body, and a smile fit for television, Johnny had featured in the dreams of all the gay boys during high school. Those boys would never have given Johnny as much trouble as his current girlfriend, they would have said yes to everything. Maybe American girls are spoilt for choice and can afford to upset their sexy boyfriends. Still, if it wasn’t for those fickle females, the following might never have happened.
Johnny Rapid and Dylan Roberts had been good mates for years. One Saturday, feeling dejected after an argument with his woman,Johnny headed over to his mate’s place for some advice. Johnny found the front door to Dylan’s apartment unlocked and let himself in. On reaching the living room, Johnny was surprised to find Dylan sitting on the couch naked. Dylan was casually stroking his semi-erect penis in time to thegirlie groans coming form theporno he was watching on his laptop.
“Expecting someone?” asked Johnny.
“No. Just chilling.”
“Good. Move over. That is exactly what I should be doing. You know what happened this morning? I was sorting out my stash of porn movies when she came in and threw a wobbly. She threw the whole lot out! Now what am I supposed to do with this?” Gay pornstar Johnny pulled off his shorts and pointed to his perfect seven and a half inch cock that was already standing to attention.
“Does this make us gay?” Johnny laughed as he sat beside his buddy.
“No, but this might.” Dylan got up from the couch, knelt in front of Johnny and took his buddies glorious cock in his mouth. Dylan quickly got his rhythm and worked his mouth up and down Johnny’s stiff tool.

“That’s good man” Johnny moaned as his cock received a nice long throat-bath from Dylan.
Before long they were both naked, hot and horny. Johnny returned the favour and gobbled hungrily on Dylan’s thick boner. Theseguys had the bodies of Greek gods. Dylanpositioned himself sothey could experience their first gay sixty-nine. It might have been a new experience, but it was one they both liked. The porno on the laptop kept playing, but was completely ignored by the horny jocks exploring each others bodies.
Johnny rolled over and offered Dylan his butt. Dylan stuck his tongue in Rapid’s booty, spat on his manhood and popped Johnny’s cherry. Dylan wasn’t gentle, he pumped Johnny’s tight, smooth manhole like a rabid animal. Getting harder and faster all the time. The couch creaked with each thrust. Dylan took Johnny Rapid from the side, from above and from below. It was while sitting on Dylan’s throbbing cock, and spanking hismonkeythat the boys blew in perfect unison. Hot, sweaty and spent they collapsed back on the couch.
They didn’t know if they’d ever do it again, but neither of them would ever forget that crazy Saturday afternoon. check out more gay pornstar tube videos here

Previously on Captive: Dale Cooper’s boyfriend being held captive and it is up to Dale to save him. This was happening while Dale was messing around with Johnny Rapid. Someone was hard at work at the desk late at night while this was going on. Dale walked into the room to a surprise. Dale is in for quiet the show.
He see Jake Henrikson who was supposed to be at work looking at porn pictures. Jake is a new employee at the company. He hears a mystery caller tell Jake that he wants money or he will expose the pictures of Jake fucking for everyone to see. Jake does not know what to do. He is worried he will get fired if his boss see the pics. Little does he know that is going to be far from the case.
Jake’s boss is chunky but hunky Aaron Bruiser. He does not seem to mind the pictures.

He and Johnny flirt and it quickly turns to sexual suggestions. Jake and Aaron begin to screw. The two men kiss and Jake goes down on his boss. They strip down naked and Aaron licks Rapid’s tight, young ass. He is getting it ready for a pounding. Before this he suck Jake’s big cock to keep thing fair.
Jake is bent over and his ass is rammed by his hard , tattooed boss. Aaron enjoys this tight hole. Jake jerks himself off over while he cums. Aaron cums on Jake’s check. Jake does not only keep his job, get gets a promotion.

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